Brittany Graham

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I’m a former college athlete and division I basketball player at Georgia State University, where I was known for knocking them down from long range. I’ve lived in 8 different states…Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado (two different times) Washington, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, and currently back home in Dallas, TX. I’m not an army brat, however I am the daughter of coach.

I grew up going to big Monday ESPN college basketball games in front of sold out crowds which is how I fell in love with college athletics at such an early age.


As I grew older, I found my first love other than basketball through photo and video. By the time I got to middle school I was obsessed with my camera and constantly taking pictures of me and friends. That soon turned into making videos in which I would star as every character in my mini-movies.

When I got to college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study so I decided to major in English for my passion of writing and love for reading. I also minored in Journalism because I knew one day I would be doing something in that area. In graduate school, it was a no brainer that I wanted my masters in sport administration to learn more about the profession I love, in hopes to one day combine my passion for sports, digital media, photo/video and writing together into one amazing job.

To no surprise, it’s no secret life in the “real world” as they call it hasn’t been that simple. After stops as an assistant coach at Berry College (Rome, GA), and a Director of Women's Basketball Operations at the University of Denver, I quickly learned something was missing. 

I then decided to take a much needed leap of faith and embarked on a new journey in the digital world of sports, where I am currently serving as a Digital Media Correspondent for the Big 12 Conference. I am growing learning from some amazing people each and everyday with very high hopes of one day being so kind of college basketball digital media analyst expert. I'm not sure if that even exists, but I can guarantee you that I'm working my butt to create one❤️🎥🏀

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