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It's Time!

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Well it's officially time. 2 more days until our first practice of the season, and I cannot wait. It honestly feels like pre-season this year flew by compared to last season that dragged on and on. But having a team comprised 10 freshmen, yes 10...6 sophomores and 2 seniors, I guess you could say I have my hands full (understatement).

Division III basketball is much different from that of DI and DII programs in that we cannot have any practice, workout, individual or anything else until the first official day of practice, October 15th. It absolutely sucks coming from a D1 background not getting the fall to develop your players and prepare them for practice. It's almost kind of like a big guessing game, like ready or not, I'm not sure what you're going to be like...but SURPRISE, it's the first day of practice!!!

Pre-season is completely uncontrolled in that our players have to hold themselves accountable to A. show up, and B. work to a high standard. Sounds nice if you ask me though, I just recall preseason nonstop surveillance from my coaches lurking over my shoulder timing runs and trying to kill me in individuals to "prepare" me for practice. So yeah, it's completely different!

So now I bet you're wondering how I've been spending my time since I've had zero court time so far. So here's how it went....

The first three weeks of August I had a short-lived workout phase while all of the students were still on summer break, but of course as soon as they all returned it ended. Recruiting never stops! I feel away more organized and on top of our recruiting than I was last year, I have a very organized schedule of both email and regular mail handouts of who gets what and when. I went to a few fall leagues to watch some kids play, and we've had recruits on campus every week which ALWAYS keeps me busy!

My mom also came to visit which was just amazing and much-needed time spent with my bestie.

One of the many requests I had from the girls was to find the combinations to the locks in the locker room which have for some reason been locked for 5 years now. Well check that off the list which took a good two days to sort through over 6 combinations for each locker, but anything for these girls.

So move in day arrived and workouts begun, pick up, lifting, and their not so favorite conditioning. As the girls started their workouts, I started mine which consisted of film. I went back and watched ALL of our conference games from last season, took notes, made clips, and tried once again pinpoint all of the areas we need to improve.

Also planned a scavenger hunt which took FOREVER (understatement again) to plan but it turned out awesome and was a great team bonding experience, you can watch the video I made here 


Shortly after, Mel ruined the laundry lol. Which actually wasn't funny, but it was at the same time.

Our mentor brunch was a lot of fun, but probably more so as an excuse for us to take a break from the sweats and running shoes and dress up and post cute selfies on insta (just keeping it real ). I also started a countdown and quote wall on the whiteboard in the locker room where everyone can leave positive messages and quotes for each other, it turned out awesome!

So next, was the John Wall dance which was absolutely hilarious which again turned out to be another great team bonding experience I had nothing to do with these moves lol, but I was proud of how it came together, watch it here:  


I sparingly found time to sneak in the gym to relax and shoot, I was bribed by hot cheetos my favorite (smart girl, I taught her well), and got numerous snapchat selfies when I wasn't in the office. Dressed up as an old lady for Mountain Day, and got some new gear!

So there you have it, the past 8 weeks in a nutshell. I stayed super busy, and not to mention, worked flag football and dodgeball for intramurals for my "secondary job" as an assistant coach. But now the real fun starts and I'm excited for this season unlike any other.

I'm definitely going to be updating about my life and the season a lot more, so stay tuned, just had to catch you up!!!

2 more days...