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Goodbye 27

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27, I can’t believe you’re over, you came and went like nobody’s business. I don’t think I will miss you, in fact I’m actually glad your time here is up but I am however grateful for the lessons and struggle your year of life brought me. 27, A year that will be remembered for a whirlwind of emotions and strength gained from the hurt and pain endured from 26. My 27th year of life will mostly be remembered for my first real official year of life in adulthood, having my first salary paying job, paying back student loans, and my first year of life post grad school. With that being said, I will remember this year by being broke, ballin' on a budget and forcing myself to save money (which I became very good at #FrugalForLife). I can't say that 27 brought anything life changing. Just another year of growth, independence, and becoming more of myself. There wasn't an exciting love story, a break through, or filled with adventure. Instead, the story tells a year of progress not perfection, and just a little bit better than 26, so I guess that's all I can ask for.

First selfie of my 28th year of life (:
First selfie of my 28th year of life (:

Another year friendless and away from my family, I learned to fully rely on my faith, on God, and being blessed for all of the little things. Playlists, Netflix, naps, FaceTime, pictures, candles, pizza, my metabolism, my job, wifi, my jump shot, rap genius, direct flights, among everything else life has to offer. To appreciate everyone and everything and not take anything for granted, for it can be taken from us in an instant. 27 may not have been a lot of things but it did bring me positivity, and lots of it. I don't think I have ever been as positive about my life as I have this past year, and the positive energy I carry with me on a daily basis never seems to go unnoticed. With that, the year brought work. 26 I will forever remember the grad school grind along with coaching which ultimately got me where I am today. But 27 I was able to apply everything I learned at 26, HARD FREAKING WORK. But the greatest thing I believe 27 gave me was relationships with girls God has blessed in my life to lead, mentor, and coach. I'm grateful everyday for the opportunity to do what I love and they are big part of my life and what drives me to keep going.

As chapter 27 is coming to a close and 28 is about to be written, I'm wishing for the unexpected from you 28. I want a year full of surprises, adventure, exploring, excitement, fun, and progression.

27, Thank you for the strength, the struggle, memories, and blessings. Because of you I'm stronger, wiser, and I know that you have prepared me for 28, 29, and beyond. 28 be great and better than all of those that came before you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, and to many more years to grow, to look back and reflect on.