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Well it is officially 2015 y'all which means by the grace of God we have made it through another year. This year for winter break I spent a whopping 12 days at home, yes 12. I had so much fun at home with spending time with my family. For once when I left home, I didn't feel sad or cry like the previous times I was there. Instead I left feeling blessed and thankful for the time I had while I was home and knew that it was time to refocus, get back to work, and embark on a journey that 2015 will bring. While I was at home I opened my 2014 memory jar, and to my surprise 2014 brought a lot of firsts and great things to look back on, so I thought I would share with you what I learned and what the year brought me.

  • I found my name on a coke bottle 6 times this summer
  • I bought my own myself
  • Upgraded to the iPhone 5s
  • Went to the Nike employee store in Portland!
  • Traveled to Oregon, Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee
  • Got over the baggage 2013 brought
  • Finished my I Am Second Devotional, and built an even stronger relationship with God
  • Cut my hair, and finally saw growth!!!
  • Finally got rid of my old school TV with a butt
  • Gained valuable experience for the future of my career
  • Finally, finally saved up to buy my first real DSLR camera, BEST Black Friday ever!!!
  • Got this domain
  • CPR certification, check!
  • Upset, Centre...enough said.
  • Went to Redrocks for the first time
  • Georgia Aquarium, girls weekend with my mom (:
  • Georgia Snow Days!!!

Among many other memories that were filled in this jar. Although many may seem small, silly, and useless without this jar I wouldn't be able to look back on them all now and laugh. In fact, most of this stuff I probably wouldn't have even remembered, so for that simply reason alone my memory jar was a complete success.


I'm very excited, and more than anything ready for a fresh start and the new year. As usual, I have set a lot of goals and have a lot of plans for the growth of my future self. Life is one big journey, and I'm ready to get this new chapter and new year of my life started.

So here's to 2015,

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!!!