Brittany Graham

My Epiphany

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About three weeks ago, I guess you could say I had some sort of epiphany. Fed up with feeling so stuck and unhappy with my life I finally got the urge to stop feeling afraid, stop being scared, and making something happen for myself. One phone call, and now three weeks later I’m moving to Denver with an amazing new job!

It all happened so fast it still doesn’t seem real to think that in just two weeks I’ll be packing up my life, leaving my comfort zone, and getting the fresh start I’ve been praying for.

For some crazy reason I’ve never really gone after the things I want most. In many ways, I look at my life and picture myself settling more times than not, living in fear of what other people would think or say. Sacrificing my happiness along with everything else for the needs of other people.

For so many years now I have been the only person holding myself back from living in a euphoric state of mind. That is, until NOW.

I don’t know what came over me but after a frustrating day and a four nap, the moment my eyes opened in that instant I made the decision that I was no longer going to be the only thing holding myself back.

Then just like that I made a phone call that could easily change the rest of my life. I’m so happy. For making this happen, doing it own my own, and finally putting myself first.

While experiencing this so-called “epiphany,” on the verge of wanting to cry but not having enough emotion for tears to surface. All I can remember telling myself is that I have worked too hard not to go for this. That I deserve to be completely happy and do all of the things I dream about daily.

Deeper than any type of epiphany I could ever claim to have, I knew that God was with me, and had a plan for me. Over the past three weeks, I’ve be in constant prayer and in deep thought day and night trying to follow what and where God was trying to lead me. The way things worked out, how things perfectly fell into place, I know that Denver is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I’m beyond excited for this new journey and next chapter of my life. I’ve worked so hard to put myself in a position to move up and it seems unreal that it’s finally happening. I’m extremely blessed and I owe this opportunity God. It may be cheesy to say, but I am so proud of myself for fighting for my happiness and my dreams. Life is too short, just go for it now before its too late.