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A 1370 Mile Journey

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It's been a crazy three weeks filled with nonstop planning for my move from Georgia to Denver, and 1370 miles later I finally made it to Colorado safely!!! Everything has been happening so fast, and I'm just now able to exhale,  sit down and really process exactly what's been happening and just now much my life has changed in the past let me first just start with a recap of the past week of my route to Denver. Last Monday the movers were supposed to arrive between 8-9:30am, but of course moves never seem to go as planned and they arrived nearly 6 hours later at 2pm. They were the slowest movers of all time and didn't finish loading the truck until about 6pm, so the day that was originally planned for resting and enjoying my last day in Rome was spent waiting and cleaning while they packed. After they finished I had the last supper with my bus buddies Marissa and Savannah at Bella Roma's a local place in Rome where we always eat our pre-game meals, it was awesome as usual.

Tuesday I departed ways with Berry and left the infamous gate for the last time. Of course it wouldn't be right to leave campus without a few deer scaring me running past my car on the way out at 6 in the morning when it's pitch black dark! Day one the plan was to drive from Rome to Kansas City about 12 hours without stopping, but with my slow cautious driving skills probably closer to 13. Adrenaline and excitement kept me going the first few hours but midway through Illinois I completely lost it and sat in my car at a gas station looking across at a Hampton Inn and as I had a mental debate with myself. Should I call it quits for the day or press on 6 more hours to Kansas City. I saw a 5-hour energy shot in my purse, and drove on.

When I reached St. Louis and saw The Arch I had to stop! I took the very next exit parked my car in the nearest lot downtown and made my way through the city to find it. Probably wasn't the best idea, that thing is big and it always looks like its right around the corner. Luckily I just followed the "This Way to The Arch" signs on the sidewalk and 25 minutes later there I was. Definitely worth the delay to KC. My final four hours from Kansas City seemed more like 8, it was awful. But I finally made into the Missouri side and couldn't resist stopping at UMKC, the college I attended my freshmen and sophomore year. It was crazy being back there and seeing everything again, it brought back a lot of bad memories and just made me think of how far I have come since those days. The memories may have been bad but ultimately, I am so grateful for those two years because without them I wouldn't be here today!


After a long day of traveling nearly 14 hours later (with all of the stops) I made to Kansas City, KS. Originally, I had planned to get up Wednesday and finish the drive out to Colorado. But that changed quickly, I was beat! So instead, Wednesday was filled with more adventure! I went to visit my old coach and school at KCKCC, absolutely love that place. I was going to end the day there, but then I got the sudden urge to visit the greatest place on earth as I like to call it... AKA, Lawrence, Kansas (: I am obsessed with Kansas and KU Basketball, ever since I was in about third grade I have been a fan. I've been to a few games up there but I have never really had to chance to just freely walk around campus on my own schedule. It was amazing, I loved every part of it. When I finally made it to the bookstore, I was so overwhelmed. I usually have to order everything online, pay extra shipping, and wait 7-10 long business days for it's basically I couldn't leave THE Kansas Bookstore empty-handed. After my awesome unexpected KU adventure, I took a long nap then ate dinner with my cousins and aunt who I haven't seen in 4 fours, so it was great to catch up with them!



Early Thursday morning I was back on the road on the final leg of my 1370 mile journey to Colorado. Driving through the state of Kansas is very long, and very boring. 8-9 hours of flat wheat fields. It was so boring I found myself stopping every other hour just to get out of the car and see something other than well, nothing. I did however stop at the World's Largest Easel in Goodland, KS. It was the coolest thing ever!!!

Shortly after passing THE Largest Easel in The World, I finally crossed into Colorado. Filled with so much excitement and joy, of course I pulled over to take a pic of the infamous "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign! So much relief knowing that I had made it to my final state. But so close, yet so far is how I felt knowing that I still had another 2 in a half hours until I reached Denver. So what exactly did I do to pass time? listened to 50 Shades Darker on audible. While it definitely kept my attention, lol...I wouldn't exactly recommend the 50 Shades series to listen to when drive across the country.

But I FINALLY made it Colorado after traveling 3 days, over 1370 miles, through 6 states, and all by myself, talk about feeling accomplished! I've been here a little over a week and I am loving my new life that God as blessed me with me. I'm so thankful for this new opportunity and I am going to post and updated as much as I can but everything new that comes my way, so stay tuned! -Brittany