Brittany Graham

Never Give Up, Never Give In

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If you're a college football fan like myself then I'm sure by now you have witnessed, well a miracle and the works of a higher power. In Saturday afternoons Michigan State at Michigan game, it was all but over with Michigan up 23-21 with about 9 seconds left. All Michigan needed to do was punt the ball and it was over. Watching the game live I couldn't even tell you what happened next, or how it all unfolded. All I could was continuously yell "OMG...OMG...OMG!!!" louder and louder until Michigan State recovered the punt and scored a touchdown to win the game as time expired leaving over 100,000 fans in shock, pure disbelief. It was seriously one of the most exciting plays I have ever witnessed. Never give up, and never give in. The game was supposed to be over, but with time left there is always still time to believe, and time to fight. Need a little pick up this Monday morning? Watch the video below as it applies to life in general through any situation you may be facing.



Mark 11:22-25