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Dream Live Ball: The Journey

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If you're reading this, Welcome to Dream. Live. Ball: The Journey. Recently I had the idea to give back, rise in lifting others. After a personal debate with myself for a few months, I finally decided to order DLB wristbands...why not? But then just like that it came to me. The idea to send wristbands to random friends of mine on Facebook, a note explaining what DLB means to me and each with a personal note lifting them up. But why stop there? So, I sent each one of my friends an additional wristband to give to one of their friends and note with space for them to write words of encouragement to someone else. So simple but so powerful. As this journey begins for us all, WE invite you to work hard, go after your dreams, enjoy everything that life has to offer, and live EVERY moment to the fullest.

 I just wanted to personally encourage you to do what you love and live the life you dream of everyday! If you are looking for a reason or a sign to take that leap of faith, this is it. Whatever it is that is in your heart now is the time do it! Dream Live Ball, join the journey with me by wearing this bracelet, give one to a friend, and encourage them to do the same. My goal is to help others to have the courage to pursue their dreams, have a positive outlook on life, and create a community where we can all grow and share our amazing experiences through life together! #DLBJourney and let’s all live our dreams everyday and support each other to dream live ball from this day forward.

-Excerpt from the DLB notes I mailed 50 of my random Facebook friends

*I mailed bracelets to 50 random Facebook friends of mine in the following states:  Georgia, Florida, Texas, New York, Minnesota, California, Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Washington, Kansas, Michigan, Utah...Japan and Canada!!! 

Alex, Elizabeth, Me & Rosie
Alex, Elizabeth, Me & Rosie

I of course, I have to give a huge thank you to the only 4 people I managed to tell about this idea and project, which if you know me was very difficult not telling everyone else how excited I was :)  Alex, Elizabeth, Roise & My Aunt Pam. THANK YOU for continuing to believe in me, my dreams, my vision, and giving me the courage to put together something like this. Your love and support is appreciated so much <3.

So excited to share this and begin this journey with all of you,