Brittany Graham

Small Efforts, Gradual Change, Success!!!

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 If you're anything like me then at times one of the things you struggle with is self-discipline and putting forth the consistent effort to change. It's probably one of the hardest things, to break your bad habits to finally start seeing small amounts of change. Continuing with this journey to become the best version of me, change, along with self-discipline is a must. To get to where I want to go,  and to be the person I one day hope to be, it's going to require a multitude of effort to consistently exude "small efforts of success day in and day out." But, the good thing is it doesn't take much. SUCCESS IS THE SUM OF SMALL EFFORTS, REPEATED DAY IN AND DAY OUT. Challenge yourself to practice just that, small efforts...and watch how overtime small efforts will turn into large changes. Are you with me? self-discipline to make the gradual changes to be great.