Brittany Graham

Lost In The Right Direction

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This picture seriously couldn't describe how I currently feel about my life any better. No matter how much older I think I'm getting, those older and wiser will always continue to ask me the question us millennials hate most. "So where is your life going, what are your next career plans, what is it exactly that you want to do?" Ugh, you guys know what I'm talking about, and to this day people still ask me those very same questions. So, for all of you asking here is my answer: I. DO. NOT KNOW :) Why is it that you must have this huge plan outling exact details of what you have to do and need to accomplish by a certain age in your life? What's wrong with letting life lead you, enjoying the little things, and just doing what you love? I couldn't tell you what my next career plan or goal is in this exact moment in time.

Mostly because I don't even there is a job description for the dream job I see in my head because I'm probably am going to be the first do it. Something along the lines of a Basketball-writer-blogger-photographer-organizer-coach- videographer-sports reporting-social media specialist-wanderlust-traveler-life enjoyer -teacher-ologist (AKA all of things I am most passionate about)So lol, if that's the direct answer you're looking for....then there you have it and I will do all of the above, before I die.

I don't know, maybe it's just me and the positive free-spirited individual I've become over the last few years. But life is precious and I would rather spend it making memories doing what I love than attempting to live up to the unrealistic expectations that society has set for us.

I have no clue where in the world life will lead me or where I will end up. However, I can tell you it's such a beautiful and surreal feeling knowing that I'm lost in the right direction<3. It's just a feeling of not worrying about what's next, because I'm focused, I'm driven, and actively pursuing the things I love.

The only exact plan I have for my life is to Dream-Live-Ball each and everyday. The rest will take care of itself. Don't but too much pressure on yourself to be this or that by a certain age. Relax, work hard, set goals, enjoy your life, and let God take care of the rest.

It's a weird, unique, and special feeling almost too hard to describe. That is being lost in life in the right direction. But trust me, when that feeling'll know.