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This New Workout Thing...

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If you read my blog last weekend about my trip to Houston to see my best friend Bethany, then you know she has inspired me to get a Fitbit and be more active. As former division I college athlete I always found it hard to workout for "fun" without a game or season to prepare for once my career ended. When I was still playing, I could run and workout for days, lift, shoot, and run for miles and love every second of it. However, now that I don't true reason to run other than to be healthy I've been nothing but lazy since then. Luckily for me I've been blessed with amazing genes and metabolism. I'm capable of eating hot Cheetos, donuts, sour patch kids, and coke without gaining a pound. No but really...

As much of a blessing has it's been to be able to do nothing, and eat anything I want without my boding changing, at times I feel guilty. Guilty because  for so many people who have to watch every little thing they eat and spend hours in the gym and still aren't satisfied with their body.

For me though, the desire to start being more active isn't about the physical aspect of my body looking a certain way. At this point in my life I'm more concerned with living a long and healthy life and doing everything in my power to preserve those precious years while I'm still young. With that being said however, it will also be an added bonus that my body will tone up a bit more.

As for completely  ditching the hot Cheetos and donuts, that's a tough one. Maybe in time, but just like adapting to this new fitness routine of mine all things take time. So I'm more than willing to take the necessary baby steps to become a healthier person. To the world it may appear I am skinny and healthy, but on the inside I truly know I've got to be better if I want to live a long, happy, healthy life.

I've started off my mornings this week with hour long workouts prior to starting my days and already I can feel a difference with more attentiveness and energy all day long!

SN: I also created a pretty bomb playlist on Spotify to get me going, check it out :)