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Ball is Life

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Ball is life. (or is it?). A phrase in my opinion that our next generation of basketball players use all to frequently and way out of context.

According to "Ball is Life" is defined as the following:

If you ask me, I would say this is dead on. Over the years being a hooper, and playing basketball has become the cool thing to do, a fad. Now days people just wanna hoop because it's cool not because they love it. Kids want to go to the gym and play hours of pick up but fail to put in the real work it takes to refine the necessary skills to play at the next level. But,  it's cool to post that IG pic or snapchat of you chillin' in the gym, but getting no work done, and expecting to make varsity or play in college.

Ball is life has sadly become more of a look, and less of a lifestyle. It's all about having the Nike Elite backpack, elite socks, and low top Kobe's, KD's or Kyrie's, and for girls the infamous Skylar Diggins headband. Kids are wearing arm sleeves on both arms for no reason other than it looks cool(and if you ask me, it looks far from "cool."), and worst of all, the knee pad/shin guards that everyone is wearing now days but really don't even need them, because they're never even on the floor going after loose balls, SMH. More kids today will pay $60 for a pair of those than spend time in the gym truly working to get better.

All of these bright color shoes, socks, and accessories are fine and dandy, but it's amazing how many of these ball is life hoopers don't even watch or follow the game.

The Ball is Life poser starter kit:

because having all of this makes you good, and a "hooper" right?
because having all of this makes you good, and a "hooper" right?

You have dreams of playing in college yet you don't know who Buddy Hield is?  To me that just don't make sense. There are not nearly enough young players out there who study basketball as students of the game. When I was growing up I would watch basketball all day long, then go outside and imitate all of my favorite players in the driveway until my mom literally had to drag me inside for dinner.  My room was plastered full of MJ, Kobe, Iverson, LeBron, and Carmelo posters. I read SLAM magazine faithfully cover to cover every month, and watched games as much as I could to learn and get better. That, is Ball is Life.

Ball is Life, isn't a look. It has nothing to do with your shoes, socks, and a backpack. All of that is an added bonus, and means nothing if you can't back it up with your game once you step out on that court. It's a lifestyle. Ball is Life is about early morning, late nights and sacrifice. I've been blessed enough to work with an incredible group of division I college basketball players who do just that in addition to maintaining above average grades at a top university. Everybody wants to play in college and get a scholarship, Ball is Life right? But honestly, how many of them are willing to make those sacrifices and put in countless hours in the gym to give themselves in the smallest chance to get there?

Quite frankly I just find it annoying that so many kids claim that "Ball is Life," yet they're never watching it, never working, and never in the gym. But Ball is Life because you rock elite socks and the latest Kobe's? Don't get me wrong, I love bright socks and a fresh pair of Kobe's. But that doesn't make me good, that doesn't make me a hooper.

But what does? my work ethic, love, and passion for the game of basketball. I'm a hooper, and ball is life because of the hard work that nobodyever saw. Because of all of the sacrifice, will, and want to get better each single day. Not my basketball accessories.

Basketball has been a tool that has allowed to me to see so many places, do amazing things, and meet some of the coolest people ever. But none of that would have been possible without a work ethic that matched my dream.

So if it's your dream too, don't be a poser on social media #BallisLife. Get in the gym and work. Ball is life is not about your gear or how you look, it's a lifestyle.