Brittany Graham

A Rough 48 Hours...

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Life seems to have an odd way of knocking you right on your a** right when everything is going great. Two weeks ago I was chillin' in Vegas then spent two days resting at my parents home in Dallas. As soon as I came back home I was greeted with a severe headache for three straight days that resulted in a visit to the doctor's office and two very painful shots. I was quarantine in my room all weekend long with little to do. So you can imagine once the meds kicked in when Monday morning rolled around I was more than ready to get back to work and have my regular life back. I jumped out bad around 5:30am and headed out shortly after for morning workouts. The day was great and life was good again. Our team played wiffle ball and it was an absolute blast.

But later that evening due to circumstances beyond my control that I would rather not get into detail about, I was forced to stay on my friend's couch, and the next night at a nearby hotel. Despite all of this, work has been in full force non-stop with meetings, workouts, and recruits all week so far. I've been flat-out exhausted and not being able to have the comfort of sleeping in your own bed so unexpectedly hasn't helped.

That's life though am I right? Always going downhill in a hurry out of nowhere. Now comes the hard part of getting myself back up and having faith that God will see me through this difficult time. It's easy to question, it's easy to complain. So right now, I'm trying my best to remain positive, stay busy to take my mind of my problems, not worry or ask why me? But simply wake up, face everything head on and know that it's a new day and God's got me.

I will continue to pray and not let everything I'm currently facing bring me down.