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Marathon, not a sprint.

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Continuing on with the recent topics of my past few blog posts, lets talk a little bit more about life and goals. It seems like it's always so easy to feel like giving in when things don't happen right when you want them to. You feel like you've been doing so much work, putting in all of this extra time and effort and still getting little to no results. At least not the results you wanted, planned  and expected. And what makes matters even worst? The natural thought to comparing yourself to the success of others who seem to have it all together that put in way less work than you. Next you just start to question everything. Your goals, your plan, your vision, and why you're even doing what it in the first place. Why is it always so easy to talk yourself out of your dreams when things get tough as opposed to picking yourself back up and just getting your shit together and fighting for what you love.

Today our society has a whole feels like it has a sense of entitlement, like everything should be handed to them. It's cool to have one amazing dream but now days very few people are actually willing to put in the work to get there. And those who do put in the work are quick to give in when things don't go as planned and road blocks begin to occur, people want the dream but expect the results to just happen.

I have to be honest with y'all, at times I'm guilty of all of the follow thoughts. But unlike those who just give up and give in, I have to quickly refocus and get my mojo back. We're human and none of us are perfect. At some point it's only going to be natural to second guess yourself when things get tough. But the key is to be able to quickly pick yourself back up, and that's what I've been catching myself doing here a lot lately. The easy thing to do is continue to complain and feel sorry for yourself. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret and the honest truth, NOBODY CARES!!!!  If we're all honest with each other nobody cares that you're struggling and chances are when they go home at night the last thing they're thinking about are you and your problems.


But that's the beauty of the journey and life itself is the story you will one day tell of both the high and low's of what it took to get there. So don't get discouraged and don't let a few road blocks keep you from pushing towards your goals. Stay focused on the end result and the feeling of what it will be like when you reach your final destination. It's never going to be easy and if it is easy, then why would you even want it? It may not be easy, but I can guarantee you it will always be worth it. Great things take time and we all need to allow ourselves to have more patience with our lives. Keep away from the bad vibes and toxic people who drain all of your precious time and energy. And the bottom line is you can always do more, just remember nobody cares, work harder.

I love you guys, fight for your life, and work for your dreams, EVERY damn day!


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