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Oh yes, the time is finally here to start my Summer Bucket List for 2016!!! The past couple of summer's have been very well, boring and uneventful. So thought it was time to make a bucket list for summer '16. So with the help of pinterest and a few other sites, I made my very own bucket list filled with plenty of things to keep me from being bored. In true Brittany fashion on the list are a wide variety of things consisting from small adventures, trips, fun activities, DIY crafts, and more. So here is my 2016 Summer Bucket List which I plan to add as more ideas and adventures arise. #DLBsummer16 let's go!!!

  1.  Tye Dye (and do as many other bucket list items in my tye dye)
  2. Spend a day in Colorado Springs
  3. Go to a Rockies game (but I hate baseball?)
  4. Go to Red Rocks
  5. Make 20 GOOD Youtube Videos (this will be so hard!)
  6. Go Hiking (c'mon you live in Colorado...)
  7. Stay up for 24 hours straight!!!
  8. Build a Fort
  9. Pull off an epic prank
  10. Complete a TV series on Netflix
  11. Take 100 GOOD pictures
  12. Go to the farmer's market
  13. Go on a road trip
  14. Go to the beach
  15. 24 hour digital detox
  16. Go to the movies at midnight
  17. Hike Manitou Springs
  18. Make colored iced cubes
  19. Make popsicles
  20. Have a successful thrifting outing
  21. Fly a kite
  22. Watch the sunrise
  23. Go to DRAKE!!! (because there can't be a SUMMER16 without going to the Drake Summer 16 Tour)