Brittany Graham

The Pressure of Life

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Sometimes the natural pressures of life can get the best of us, myself included. Different types of pressure as well. The pressure to succeed, get a job, from you parents to make good grades, get into college, settle down and get married, and more. It's only natural at times to feel the weight of the world is all on your shoulders. I too have felt like this countless number of times in my life. But we shouldn't let the pressure of life and the want or urge to do well bring us down. Pressure is just a part of life that we all have to learn to grow through. So when things get tight and the pressure of life is on, rise to the occasion like its game day! Embrace the pressures of life and face them head on and give it your best effort. While losers are busy making excuses as to why it's too hard and coming up for every reason why it can't get done, winners will dig deep down inside of themselves and make a way.

Give today and each and every other day your best effort. Besides, no pressure, no diamonds.