Brittany Graham

Turn Up Your Hustle

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We're human. So we all know that sometimes, a lot of times we can get in our feelings just a little too much. When someone or something throws you off track. When you fall into a slump and start to feel sorry for yourself and overly emotional for no real reason.

Wanna know the cure? Work harder. Time is valuable and too short to let short term feelings stop you from getting better.

Sometimes you have to learn how to turn down your feelings and turn up your hustle. Because if we're being honest with each other, your feelings don't care about your goals so don't let them get in the way.

Grind, work harder, and find a way to get sh*t done. It's okay to have feelings, we all get emotional sometimes but, never let your feelings stop you from being great.

Today and everyday find a way to grind it out. Turn down your feelings and turn up your hustle and get the job done.

I love you guys.