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LaBrittany Ball???

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So unless you've been living under a basketball rock the past several months, then I'm sure you know all about Lavar and his "boys" as Lavar likes to call them. Lonzo,  LiAngelo and LaMelo aka, Zo, Gelo and Melo. 

Since the college basketball season ended and Lavar gained more and more attention and relevance from the media many people have formed their opinion about Lavar and his family of superstar basketball players. I avoided the foolishness of getting into the conversation, that is until now. 

Recently Lavar and his Big Baller Brand family released their own reality show which is currently four episodes in that airs live on Facebook on Sunday's. 

I'm hooked and I'm a fan. Watch here...


Before watching the short 13-18 minute series like most of the basketball world I thought Mr. Ball was a fool, a complete annoying idiot to say the least (🤷🏽Sorry Lavar, just my honest thoughts). But after watching all seven episodes I'm starting think🤔 it would've been pretty cool to be the big sister of the Ball boys, and have Lavar market me and my talents (on and off the court) to the world.

Since starting the series, “Ball in The Family,” I have gained a new found respect for Lavar and his boys. My initial question during the blow up of the Big Baller Brand, was where is the mom and how does she fit into all of this chaos? Tina aka the mom, suffered a severe stroke towards the end of basketball season last spring that left her partially paralyzed with a bad speech deficient forcing her to learn how to walk and talk all over again. During this process Lavar was by his wife’s side every step of the way as the series shows him leading her through both speech and physical therapy. Lavar was pictured in a different light much more nurturing and caring making sure all of Tina’s needs were met.

Aside from seeing the compassion Mr. Ball has for his wife, the family show will also see how much love and support he has for his boys. I think it’s kind of cool how much he believes in their ability to play basketball, while at the same not making excuses for their short-comings. He’s the first one to keep it real with them and let them know when they’re not putting in the work to reach their goals.

If anything, my new perspective on Lavar Ball is just a businessman with a plan trying to put his kids in the best position possible to succeed. So, with that being said it only makes me wonder if Lavar temporarily adopted me and devoted his life to my short-lived division one basketball career how much further I could’ve actually gone being pushed by his crazy self? Secondly, once my career ended having him then promote the crap out of my videos? Yeah, I totally wouldn’t mind being LaBrittany Ball taking on the role of the older Ball sister if it meant my name would be know backed up with that type of support system.

But, let’s be real I could never be a Ball sister but my point is if you really sit down and think about Lavar Ball he’s actually a really amazing father and husband. His plan to gain a following and attention for his sons and Big Baller Brand worked like magic and spread like wildfire. He will always be himself, a loud, confident, and outspoken when it comes to his opinions. But that should never be overshadowed for the platform he created for each of them and their family. It’s something that’s never been done before and I have to credit Lavar for taking the calculated risk. You can't be mad or hate on someone's hustle and for that reason I hope BBB and the Ball's continue to take their family's sucess to new heigts. 

Although I'm not exactly made out to be a Ball, I can't lie I would love to go out to LA and spend and take on the role of LaBrittany Ball for a few days. Lavar if you're reading this hit me up!!!