Brittany Graham

Bigger Than Yourself

brittany graham

The bond between your brothers and sisters as teammates is a beautiful thing. I can't help but to watch this and tear up hearing UCLA Junior Point Guard Jordin Canada speak so highly of Senior Guard Kari Korver following their 63-53 loss to Oregon State during the PAC-12 Tournament. She wanted to win a championship for Korver, because "there is no other else she would want to play basketball with."

In the world we live in today, it's rare to find a college athlete with the humility and selflessness Jordin Canada has. I wish that more young athletes carried these same types of emotions for their teammates. Now more than ever we live in a world where it's all about ME. Everyone is out for themselves and only concerned about their personal success. In reality as an athlete of any kind on a team you are always playing for and representing so much more than yourself. You represent the hours of work behind the scenes your coaches put in to prepare you, you represent your school, your team, and your program. Not only your current teammates but all of those that came before and the many that will compete after you. It's so much more than just you.

Beautiful things can happen when you’re playing for something bigger than yourself. When your why is for coaches, fellow teammates,  the desire to win for them, because they deserve it. When it means so much to you to compete with and for them every night it brings you to tears.

I don’t know about you but those are the types of people I want by my side, not only on the court by in life. Let go of your selfish motives and learn to serve for the needs of others. Because in doing so, I guarantee more people will begin to return the favor for you.

Always, Dream Live Ball.