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Shemiah Sanchez: What's Stopping You?

brittany graham

As the college basketball season officially came to an end last week, my eyes quickly shifted gears to my second favorite college sport, softball.

The college softball season is nearly halfway over so this is the time of the year I play catch up before the College World Series begins in May. I tuned in to one of my favorite teams, Alabama as they took the LSU Tigers and instantly became inspired by LSU third basemen, Shemiah Sanchez🙌🏽

The Newnan, GA native was diagnosed with lupus at the young age of 14. In fear of losing interest from college coaches, Shemiah and her family decided not to share her condition. She would go on to have a stellar high school career at East Coweta HS (GA), and eventually find her way in Baton Rouge playing for LSU.

She still today travels to Atlanta to receive treatment for the disease that includes chemotherapy to help protect the lupus from her kidneys. Some days she will travel to Atlanta for treatment then back to campus never to miss class or practice the next morning. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes your body's immune system to attack your own tissues and organs. Common side effects of disease are fatigue, joint pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches, among many others. Being a D1 athlete in the SEC is a grind itself. But waking up everyday and doing it while battling lupus is a whole different GRIND!!!💯

Hearing her story suddenly the little things you and I complain don’t seem as big. Shemiah is a fighter😤, and if you can learn anything from her story then know that no matter what your life’s conditions are, if you put your mind to it you can overcome ANYTHING. She could have easily let the lupus win, give in, call it quits and decided not to pursue a college softball career. Not only did she push through towards her goal, but today she is doing so at the highest level competing in the SEC.

A lot of times when an obstacle is thrown our way it’s easy to find a million excuses, reasons why you can’t overcome it. However, if you want to bad enough you only need one reason to do it. If you love it, if you want it bad enough, and you’re willing to put in the work, then that’s all you need, to want it. Never let adversity and life’s challenges keep you from achieving your goals. Whether it’s a disease, where you come from, your race, or anything else you can’t control, just remember with a dream and a work ethic there is always a way you can succeed.

I love everything about Shemiah, her team, and her story. I think it's very brave of her to share her story to inspire all athletes, and especially those that also may be facing lupus or other illnesses. She is a great example for us all to life live with a purpose and not let ANYTHING get in between you, and your dreams. As just a sophomore on the LSU Softball team, her journey and her story is only just beginning. It doesn't seem like much is stopping Shemiah these days, so now as yourself...WHAT'S STOPPING YOU?🤔

Geaux Tigers!!! Guess that means I’m officially a Tiger fan💛⚾️💜

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Always, Dream.Live.Ball ✨🌍👑