Brittany Graham

I'm Trying to Get IT.

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Finally... a video that explains and someone that gets it. I've been describing myself as weird for years and could never fully put into words why. No mater what it is you're grinding for, basketball, another sport, your professional career,  this a video posted on Jimmy Butler's Insta' made by Phil.DoitAll anyone can relate to. (Please excuse me for the language in advanced, voice of Tyrese Gibson)

"It's time to stay focused. It's time to decide fuck clubs, fuck partying, fuck trying to fit in, and socialize, rubbing elbows with everybody so people can stop calling you weird. Why are you so anti social? Because I'm trying to get it. Why are you staying on the basketball court so much? Because I'm trying to get it. Why are you out there practicing in the hot sun when ain't nobody else out there? Because I'm trying to get it. These clubs, these parties, all this shit ain't going nowhere. The more weird you are, is a reflection of how committed you are to focusing on your shit, molding and shaping and developing your ideas and your craft so when it's time for you to make your rounds you gon' fly. The life that I live, I deserve this life because I work my ass off to get it."