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74 Days in Houston

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🤷🏽🤗Life Lately...

🤷🏽🤗Life Lately...

74 Days. That’s how long I’ve been living in Houston, and tomorrow starts yet another chapter of my life as I will embark on a new journey in Dallas. I know what you're thinking, you just got to Houston, you just moved into your new apartment, so what happened? I wish I could give you the perfect answer you want to hear but I can't. The only thing I can say is God🙌🏽

I didn't get fired, there wasn't a huge falling out, nothing like that all. God has just blessed me with an amazing new opportunity. Before I knew anything about the job opening UH, I applied for another job towards the end of April beginning of May. I moved on with my life, accepted the position at UH, and never heard back until a couple of weeks ago. Initially, all I could do is question God, like dude why now😫? I just got settled with my life in what could He possibly be trying to tell me? I brushed it off, didn't think anything else of it because I knew I wouldn't get the job. The timing was completely off and it just didn't make sense.

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When I got the call that I was hired I was in shock. I couldn't believe it and it didn't seem real, I thought it was all a big joke. At that point, I couldn't even be excited or enjoy it, as I could only make excuses of why this wasn't going to work. I just signed a lease, the cost to move (AGAIN!!!), disappointing everyone at UH, and list went on and on. In my head I said NO. There is absolutely NO way this is going to work out, things like this just don't happen to me.

When I finally had the time to sit down and think about what had just happened to me, all I could do was thank God. Back in April this was the job I wanted and was so determined to get, and now here I am. My apartment complex let me out of my lease, my moving expenses were taken care, and everything slowly unforced started taking care of itself, GOD🙌🏽

I don't think it's hit me yet that a lot of my dreams are about to come true. 2013-2016 were three very tough years of my life. Through all of the moving, packing, and unpacking(I'm getting pretty good at that whole thing) I found my old bible with this note card in it. it was the Spring of 2014 and my first year coaching at Berry, I remember writing this down and praying about every single day. Visualizing that one day it might just happen. Little did I know that three years later God would be guiding me closer to home being in Houston, and eventually to Dallas in the same city that my parents live in. For so long I had the perfect road map of exactly how my life was going to go. I can't tell you exactly when, but the moment I started following God's plans and purpose for my life everything peacefully started to fall into place🙏🏽


Living in Houston. From day 1 it never felt like home and a place I saw myself growing and even from the beginning the vibes weren't the greatest. I kept telling myself God led me here for a reason and this is where I'm supposed to be, so despite the vibes I stayed positive throughout it all. More than anything in my heart for awhile now, I felt I had out grown being in a basketball operations role. I felt restricted from be able to be creative full-time like I was working in a box. I'm at my best when I am telling stories, with a camera, making videos, and creating really cool content. Which by the way is exactly what my new job entails, and more...🤗📷✨


It was very hard to tell my co-workers at UH that I would be leaving less than week into the school year, but it would've been even harder not to follow my the dream and the vision God has placed in my heart❤️️. When I was making my final decision on what to do, Alex Kiernan (Alex is a senior at Berry and I coached her as a freshman) popped in my head and all I could think was...I can't let her down. If I don't take this job, she is going to kill me. Alex, Jac, Rosie, and so many other people that not only look up to me, but support me and my dreams. It was a no brainier at that point, and although it seemed like terrible timing. God's timing is the only timing.

I've never felt so many emotions at all once. Happy, excited, nervous, scared and not knowing what to expect. I do know however that whatever happens in this next chapter, I am ready because God has groomed and prepared me for everything I am about to face in this new career and he will be with me every step of the way. I'm not sure why or if I'll ever know why God gave me a brief 74 day stop in Houston before directing me to Dallas. At this point, I honestly don't even care I just know that it was all a part of his plan💜

🤔My advice? ALWAYS following your dreams and trust God's timing with your life. Stop making excuses for yourself and just take the risk before you're left wondering, dang what if? You can't put a price tag on your happiness and dreams, so just do it. In March I lost my job at DU and patiently waited 94 days for my opportunity at UH, and 74 days after that, now I am off to Dallas!!!

I wouldn't be a woman of my words to DREAM.LIVE.BALL if I didn't start this new career.

So what exactly will I be doing, where and with who? Stay tuned...

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