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One Memorable March

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March is by far my favorite month of the year. For the obvious reason of nonstop college basketball. But, it’s also full of magic, believers, underdogs, buzzer beaters and the time of year where heroes are born and as long as there’s still time left on the clock, anything can happen. Anything. 

A New Perspective


For me this March was unlike any other experiencing the madness from a different perspective through my new job as digital media correspondent for the Big 12 Conference.  It was something that before could only existed in my dreams. 

Being able to work the Big 12 men’s and women’s basketball conference championships with an all access credential around my neck, enjoying the game from press row was nothing short of amazing. Growing up I always attend these tournaments with my dads teams at Oklahoma State, but attending ALL 19 games in a 10 day span both women’s and men’s was an entirely new experience that I will forever be so grateful for.

Add in the fact I conducted post game interviews with some of my favorite athletes was rush itself and feeling that can’t quite be explained. It was awesome y’all. 





Let The Games Begin

The beauty of March and why I love college basketball so much is because as long as there is a game to be played, you still have a chance. And sometimes that’s all you need, a chance. 

Before the start of the tournament most of us had no clue UMBC or Loyola-Chicago even existed(I did but many didn't). But weeks later these two programs stole our hearts all because of the opportunity to play. UMBC pulled of history by being the first team in men’s NCAA tournament history to beat a #1 seed. Not only did they beat Virginia, a team that many people had winning it all. They beat the dog crap out of them. As for Sister Jean and the Ramblers made it all the way to the Final Four knocking off Miami, Tennessee, Nevada, and K-State to get to San Antonio. Well done fellas, and as Sister Jean would say..."Worship, Work, WIN." 

I live for the stories, upsets (as long as my time isn’t on the receiving end of it 🤞🏽) and getting all the feels for everything that happens with athletes and coaches beyond the actual game itself. The emotion the game brings that can’t really be explained, but through your TV screen you can just feel it. That’s what I love about March, it’s all about the feels y’all.

And let's NOT forget about the women's game and the unsong hero in Arike Ogunbowale leading Note Dame to the women's championship with two clutch shots at the buzzer in both games 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Nobody gave ND the slightest chance to win down with a short bench for the majority of the season, and going up against an undefeated UCONN team. But all they needed was each other and the opportunity to play, and the rest history.

Cold blooded girl 🤫

Final Four Bound


This year my squad made it back to the Final Four and because it was less than four hour drive south of Dallas, you already know ya girl made the trip. It was also a mini family vacation, because, well you know that’s just how life works when you’re in a basketball family. Nick was there too at the NABC Convention as a part of the Iowa State staff, so it’s always nice when the entire family is together in one place. Especially on a warm spring night in San Antonio eating Mexican food on the riverwalk 😋.

It brought back so many memories of my childhood, being a coaches kid in March missing school living the dream and just being part of a team. Despite the L to Nova it was still an amazing end to my college basketball season. My mom and I spent the weekend walking around, being in the crowds, people watching, checking out all of the merch at the vendors, taking pictures and making mems💞📸.

We all went to both semifinal games and it was an amazing atmosphere being among nearly 70,000 college basketball fans in the Alamo Dome. To my surprise we got lower level tickets in the KU section behind the bench, and it was lit🔥(besides the Villanova 3’s🤦🏽‍♀️). 

Until Next Szn

March like always was full of surprises, flights, traveling, pictures, upsets, emotion, full of college hoops and unforgettable moments. I’m not sure what I will do with myself until next November for the start of the 2018-19 season😫. But this was by far the most memorable March and basketball season of my life. So blessed to have experienced all this season brought me.

Current mood without college hoops until November...