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At the beginning of the summer I had huge hopes for summer sixteen and all that it would bring. It went so far as to outlining a very detailed summer bucket list with over 20 things that I wanted to accomplish before it was all said and done. Well it’s now Labor Day Weekend, which means the summer is basically over and I have only completed a pathetic two items from the bucket list. It’s only natural to think that because I only did two of the many things I set out to do that my summer was a complete fail! Oddly enough, it feels like the exact opposite as I truly feel like I had one of the best summers of my life.

Like I said before in my previous blog “Just Do It,” I’m learning to live more, plan less, and just go with the natural flow of where life can take you. Having a plan is good, but it’s nearly impossible to have a pre-determined list of activities waking up every morning like, hey what’s on the list today? Instead, why not wake up and do what you feel. Because it’s when we do that that the best things happen, unexpectedly.   

I had one of the best summer's I've had in a long time, and it wasn't because of a bucket list.

Without any true plans this summer, other than a failed bucket list I wasn’t expecting toomuch. I needed up making trips to Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas, Oklahoma, San Antonio and Dallas! I’d say that’s some pretty awesome traveling and trips, especially when you weren’t expecting any. At the end of June at the last minute, I decided to pile in my car and make the 9-hour drive through the wheat fields of Kansas to attend my family reunion in Kansas City. The drive itself was more than long to make solo twice in a weekend, but sometimes a road trip to yourself down the highway on your own time can be one of the most relaxing things ever!

Downtown Chicago with Madss

Downtown Chicago with Madss

A week later I went to Chicago for about 36 hours 12 hours before I even knew I was going. It was the most spontaneous thing ever getting a call Sunday at 6pm to book the first flight out to Chicago Monday morning, it was crazy and so much fun. After Chicago, a few weeks later towards the end of July, I went to Atlanta for a week also for work. It was a blast to be back in the city where I went to college and see my old school and an added bonus spending my day off with some of my favorite girls I coached while I was at Berry.


After Atlanta, I went straight home to Dallas where I spent almost two weeks at home with my family. During that time, I took two trips with my mom. One day we drove about 2 hours north the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma, and then 4 hours south to San Antonio. #GirlsTrip we had so much fun shopping, gambling (lol), and hanging out on the River Walk. 



One of the coolest things I did this summer that was more than unexpected was getting a new car!!! I had been thinking about getting a new car for a few months, but I definitely did not think it was going to be possible so soon. After I drove back from Kansas, my KIA just wasn't cutting it anymore and was basically about to die. A few days later, I was blessed with Serena :) a brand new 2016 Toyota Corolla. 


My girl Lily in her ball handling goggles!!!

My girl Lily in her ball handling goggles!!!

Of course, a summer for me wouldn't be a summer if the majority of my time wasn't spent in the gym. June was all about summer camps and as usual, I had so much fun connecting with our campers. Shortly after camp, I started doing personal training with Lily a local 7th grader in Denver. Since then, we have worked out together so much and I can't even begin to explain how much more confident she has gotten in her game. Reflecting back to our first session, I no longer know the shy girl that struggled to main ten layups. Instead, I look forward to working out with the girl who can make 25 plus layups in a row!!!

So take it from me, you don't always need to make some huge list to accomplish things in life. Looking back on my summer, I feel like I did so many cool and fun things without even knowing. I went on a few trips, saw my friends, family, and did what I love in the process. I'm super thankful for being able to have one amazing summer and now I'm even more excited for the start of basketball season and everything that will come with it.

Don't always feel like you need a list to guide you through life, you'll be surprised at things you can accomplish if you wake up everyday and LIVE. But for those who were wondering about which two items I did check of the bucket list, tye-dye and go on a road trip:)

Have a great week, I love you guys!!!