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Explaining Dream.Live.Ball

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Thanks to Timehop, I was recently reminded that a little over 5 years ago is when I came up with DREAM.LIVE.BALL. Which for the record has nothing to do with Basketball in sense of the game I love. Over the last few years people who are close to me or have grown to known me always ask me what does DLB mean? So I thought I would take the time to share with you all not only what it means, but how I came up with the concept of it all.  After I graduated from Georgia State the Spring of 2010, I wanted to officially start my blog(for about the 3rd or 4th time!!!) but had no idea what I wanted to name it. I didn’t want one of the boring cliché’ names like “Brittany’s Blog.” I wanted it mean something more. I was reading an article online about living in your 20’s and the infamous quarter life crisis, when the author asked if you had to pick 3 words to live your life by, what would three words would you choose? I thought long and hard about what those 3 words would be and before you know it Dream.Live.Ball was born...

Dream (n): Is something I do daily. It’s your vision, your mission, and something you should see every day. It’s your goals, and the life you imagine living one day. It’s what you work for and what drives you, because in the end “your dreams will carry you home.”

The first word I picked was Dream. Ever since I was kid I’ve always had a huge imagination which lead to the crazy dreams I dream of daily as an adult. Being a dreamer keeps me believing and fighting for something which always keeps me grounded and why I wake up every single day ready to work hard.

Live(v): To live means to experience. To create, explore, and wander. I don’t want to live a life and forget to live. I want to travel, go places, take pictures, and experience new things. Living in a Wanderlust.

The second word I picked was Live. I never want to take life or work/career to serious that I forget to have a life.  I want to  experience has much as possible and see as many wonderful places as I can and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Ball(adj): To ball means to do your thing. It’s what you love, and what you’re good at. Your passion and what you love.

The third and last word I picked was Ball. Not for the simple fact that I love Basketball and everything that it was done and brought into my life. But ball more in a sense of she’s ballin’. She’s successful, happy, and doing what she loves.

So there you have it. Dream.Live.Ball. and everything it means. For the past 5 years DLB has grown to be a part of my everyday life. About two years ago I got DLB tattooed on my left side under my sports bra line and I absolutely love it. This year for Christmas, my mom had a customized necklace with DLB along with my name engraved on it. It’s so special to me because even my Mom knows  the significance of DLB to my life, I wear it every single day as yet another reminder to live a life worth living. DLB...nothing to do with basketball! But everything to do with pursing you dreams, enjoying all that life has to offer, and doing what you love!

Never Give Up, Never Give In

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If you're a college football fan like myself then I'm sure by now you have witnessed, well a miracle and the works of a higher power. In Saturday afternoons Michigan State at Michigan game, it was all but over with Michigan up 23-21 with about 9 seconds left. All Michigan needed to do was punt the ball and it was over. Watching the game live I couldn't even tell you what happened next, or how it all unfolded. All I could was continuously yell "OMG...OMG...OMG!!!" louder and louder until Michigan State recovered the punt and scored a touchdown to win the game as time expired leaving over 100,000 fans in shock, pure disbelief. It was seriously one of the most exciting plays I have ever witnessed. Never give up, and never give in. The game was supposed to be over, but with time left there is always still time to believe, and time to fight. Need a little pick up this Monday morning? Watch the video below as it applies to life in general through any situation you may be facing.



Mark 11:22-25

Live in The Now

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Tribe Tyler is one of my favorite YouTubers. He posted this video a few days ago and I absolutely fell in love with this message.


Far too often I find myself solely focused on my future and what's ahead, I fail to stop and realize life now. In true DREAM.LIVE.BALL fashion, as soon as I watched this video I made a promise to myself to be more thankful for "the now." After all, it's all part of the journey and although I'm not anywhere close to where I want to be, these are the moments I will remember and cherish the most. So, don't ever forget to live now and dream, live, ball.


My Epiphany

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About three weeks ago, I guess you could say I had some sort of epiphany. Fed up with feeling so stuck and unhappy with my life I finally got the urge to stop feeling afraid, stop being scared, and making something happen for myself. One phone call, and now three weeks later I’m moving to Denver with an amazing new job!

It all happened so fast it still doesn’t seem real to think that in just two weeks I’ll be packing up my life, leaving my comfort zone, and getting the fresh start I’ve been praying for.

For some crazy reason I’ve never really gone after the things I want most. In many ways, I look at my life and picture myself settling more times than not, living in fear of what other people would think or say. Sacrificing my happiness along with everything else for the needs of other people.

For so many years now I have been the only person holding myself back from living in a euphoric state of mind. That is, until NOW.

I don’t know what came over me but after a frustrating day and a four nap, the moment my eyes opened in that instant I made the decision that I was no longer going to be the only thing holding myself back.

Then just like that I made a phone call that could easily change the rest of my life. I’m so happy. For making this happen, doing it own my own, and finally putting myself first.

While experiencing this so-called “epiphany,” on the verge of wanting to cry but not having enough emotion for tears to surface. All I can remember telling myself is that I have worked too hard not to go for this. That I deserve to be completely happy and do all of the things I dream about daily.

Deeper than any type of epiphany I could ever claim to have, I knew that God was with me, and had a plan for me. Over the past three weeks, I’ve be in constant prayer and in deep thought day and night trying to follow what and where God was trying to lead me. The way things worked out, how things perfectly fell into place, I know that Denver is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

I’m beyond excited for this new journey and next chapter of my life. I’ve worked so hard to put myself in a position to move up and it seems unreal that it’s finally happening. I’m extremely blessed and I owe this opportunity God. It may be cheesy to say, but I am so proud of myself for fighting for my happiness and my dreams. Life is too short, just go for it now before its too late.