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Laugh at Life

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I believe it, sometimes you just have to. Sometimes you just have to step out faith, laugh at the struggles in your life and simply just move forward. This has been the longest week of my life. I've cried so many tears, questioned God, and spent every single night stressed and restless just wondering why, why me, and why now? To top of one of the worst weeks of my life, I dropped and shattered my phone about an hour ago.

It's now Sunday night at 10:15pm, as I'm sitting here listening to church online more than ready to start fresh with a new week. Despite the most emotional week I've had in a long time, I'm still finding a way to stay positive and laugh at life. I know that I am not going through so many different things, feelings, and bad emotions all at the same time for nothing. I know that God has a plan and there is a reason and purpose for such a difficult week in my life.

Call me crazy but I am one who believes that right before something amazing or really good happens in your life you endure a period of struggle. Needless to say, with that being said I'm just patiently waiting on my blessing. If you don't stay positive that something good will come out of something bad, you will drive yourself crazy.

I never thought this week would end, but it has and I couldn't be happier to say goodbye and start fresh tomorrow. I will continue to stay strong and laugh my way through life.

Keep believing people, and believe with all your heart that the next few months of your life be a period of magnificent transformation.


Lost In The Right Direction

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This picture seriously couldn't describe how I currently feel about my life any better. No matter how much older I think I'm getting, those older and wiser will always continue to ask me the question us millennials hate most. "So where is your life going, what are your next career plans, what is it exactly that you want to do?" Ugh, you guys know what I'm talking about, and to this day people still ask me those very same questions. So, for all of you asking here is my answer: I. DO. NOT KNOW :) Why is it that you must have this huge plan outling exact details of what you have to do and need to accomplish by a certain age in your life? What's wrong with letting life lead you, enjoying the little things, and just doing what you love? I couldn't tell you what my next career plan or goal is in this exact moment in time.

Mostly because I don't even there is a job description for the dream job I see in my head because I'm probably am going to be the first do it. Something along the lines of a Basketball-writer-blogger-photographer-organizer-coach- videographer-sports reporting-social media specialist-wanderlust-traveler-life enjoyer -teacher-ologist (AKA all of things I am most passionate about)So lol, if that's the direct answer you're looking for....then there you have it and I will do all of the above, before I die.

I don't know, maybe it's just me and the positive free-spirited individual I've become over the last few years. But life is precious and I would rather spend it making memories doing what I love than attempting to live up to the unrealistic expectations that society has set for us.

I have no clue where in the world life will lead me or where I will end up. However, I can tell you it's such a beautiful and surreal feeling knowing that I'm lost in the right direction<3. It's just a feeling of not worrying about what's next, because I'm focused, I'm driven, and actively pursuing the things I love.

The only exact plan I have for my life is to Dream-Live-Ball each and everyday. The rest will take care of itself. Don't but too much pressure on yourself to be this or that by a certain age. Relax, work hard, set goals, enjoy your life, and let God take care of the rest.

It's a weird, unique, and special feeling almost too hard to describe. That is being lost in life in the right direction. But trust me, when that feeling'll know.



Keep Doing What's Right

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Coach Barnes, and my dad (behind) at GSU
Coach Barnes, and my dad (behind) at GSU

March is finally here and madness has arrived! With that being said, I have to give a huge shout out to the Cal State Bakersfield Men's Basketball team for punching their schools first ever ticket to the NCAA Tournament. I'm so happy for Coach Barnes, his team, and his family, as this moment could not have happened to a better person.

I  had the pleasure of getting to know Coach Barnes and his family while my dad was an assistant under Coach Barnes at Georgia State a few years back. Our time together at GSU was nothing less than a struggle as we couldn't seem to get these going, which ultimately led us to all to part our separate ways. As the child of a college coach it was hard to see because I saw firsthand how much  work the coaching staff put into changing the culture of the program and the internal issues they faced. But the only thing everyone else saw were the wins and losses. It honestly broke my heart to hear so many negative comments about our staff. It was even harder the last couple of years to see GSU have so much success and not be a part of it.

Coach Barnes is a man and coach of integrity and believes in doing things the right way, which this day in age in college athletics is rare to see. However, even in his first couple of seasons at CSUB the team finished with records of 16-15, 13-19, 14-16, 14-19, before finishing this season with an outstanding record of 24-8. God is so good!!! 

I always questioned God and wondered why we just couldn't seem to win at GSU? But sometimes you just have to trust God, stay grounded, and continue to do things the right way.   24-8, WAC Champs, WAC Coach of The Year and an NCAA Tournament bid. Not only for Coach Barnes and his family, but seeing my dad win Dallas Coach of The Year and his Skyline High School basketball team win 32 games is amazing to see. But none of this success would have been possible without our struggles at GSU and having the continued faith to keep fighting and working hard. God has a plan, it may not happen when you want it to, or the way you think it should, but stay the course and keep doing what is right.

People that aren't directly associated with an athletic program, team, or coach don't understand how important or how amazing a moment like this is, and just how rare it is to make the NCAA tournament. Especially as a mid-major university, you honestly never really know when you'll have another opportunity to play in the big dance. I'm so proud and happy of the Barnes family and this amazing accomplishment. Coach Barnes, Ms. Bridgette, Ma' Barnes, Brandon and Bray, CONGRATULATIONS, and thank you for all you have done for me and my family. WE LOVE YOU GUYS, and best of luck in the tourney!!!

Cal State Bakersfield punching their ticket to the big dance in dramatic fashion:

Dream Live Ball: The Journey

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If you're reading this, Welcome to Dream. Live. Ball: The Journey. Recently I had the idea to give back, rise in lifting others. After a personal debate with myself for a few months, I finally decided to order DLB wristbands...why not? But then just like that it came to me. The idea to send wristbands to random friends of mine on Facebook, a note explaining what DLB means to me and each with a personal note lifting them up. But why stop there? So, I sent each one of my friends an additional wristband to give to one of their friends and note with space for them to write words of encouragement to someone else. So simple but so powerful. As this journey begins for us all, WE invite you to work hard, go after your dreams, enjoy everything that life has to offer, and live EVERY moment to the fullest.

 I just wanted to personally encourage you to do what you love and live the life you dream of everyday! If you are looking for a reason or a sign to take that leap of faith, this is it. Whatever it is that is in your heart now is the time do it! Dream Live Ball, join the journey with me by wearing this bracelet, give one to a friend, and encourage them to do the same. My goal is to help others to have the courage to pursue their dreams, have a positive outlook on life, and create a community where we can all grow and share our amazing experiences through life together! #DLBJourney and let’s all live our dreams everyday and support each other to dream live ball from this day forward.

-Excerpt from the DLB notes I mailed 50 of my random Facebook friends

*I mailed bracelets to 50 random Facebook friends of mine in the following states:  Georgia, Florida, Texas, New York, Minnesota, California, Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Washington, Kansas, Michigan, Utah...Japan and Canada!!! 

Alex, Elizabeth, Me & Rosie
Alex, Elizabeth, Me & Rosie

I of course, I have to give a huge thank you to the only 4 people I managed to tell about this idea and project, which if you know me was very difficult not telling everyone else how excited I was :)  Alex, Elizabeth, Roise & My Aunt Pam. THANK YOU for continuing to believe in me, my dreams, my vision, and giving me the courage to put together something like this. Your love and support is appreciated so much <3.

So excited to share this and begin this journey with all of you,