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Craig Sager, IS Dream Live Ball.

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Last week at the ESPY Awards Craig Sager accepted the Jimmy V Award for perseverance. At the age of 64, Sager is currently battling leukemia and continues to receive chemo treatments while still working as a NBA reporter for TNT. Even so much that he will receive treatments in one state in the morning, hop a flight to the next city, cover a game all in a days work. Most would think he is crazy to take such risks putting his body through so much work all while battling such a vicious disease. But let Craig Sager tell it to you and there is nothing that he would rather be doing that spending his life doing what we loves, leukemia or not. Craig Sager is everything that Dream Live Ball means, and more. Hearing his speech at the ESPY's on how he lives his life and truly enjoys every moment is truly an inspiration for us all. This past April early in the airport traveling back home to Denver from Houston I had the pleasure of meeting Sager. I must admit that once I noticed him from a distance across the way going through security across from me I was initially scared to approach him. I let my fear of meeting one the greatest in his field go, tapped him from behind and introduced myself. To my surprise he greeted me back, "Hey Brittany, how are you?"Like he had known me for years. I told him I love watching him on TV, thanked him, and told him keep fighting. We snapped a selfie and went on our separate ways.

I'm so thankful for his fight, his strength, and his story as it's one we all can be inspired from. Craig Sager does a little DLB each and everyday. So glad he's here to show us all how it's done as he continues to face a tough battle with cancer.

Craig Sager's Speech:


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Memorable quotes from Sager's Speech:

Time is something that cannot be bought. It cannot be wagered with God, and it is not an endless supply. Time is simply how you live your life. 

Each and everyday is a canvas we need to paint, an opportunity for love, for fun, for living, for learning. 

The way you think influences the way you feel, and the way you feel determines how you act.

If we don't have hope and faith, we have nothing.

Don't Wait, Live NOW.

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One thing I've learned about life is that nothing ever stays the same. People, feelings, and life itself is constantly changing and with that being said it's so important to enjoy what's right in front of you for what it's worth. Don't put off your dreams or things you want and love the most any longer. Because tomorrow is never guaranteed, and quite honestly there really will never be a perfect time to start or try something new. More often than not we each spend too much time throughout our lives waiting. For the perfect moment, the perfect day, the right time, for next week, month, or year.

You have to take advantage of each day and every single moment you are blessed with in this life, because things are never going to be like they are today in this very moment. Life is forever evolving and is constantly changing, as well as you yourself and your feelings. Don't wait another moment, live now.



Faith Makes Things Possible

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Good Morning and Happy Monday!!! One of the hardest things in life is to keep believing and have faith even when it seems like nothing is possible. It's not always easy to keep a positive outlook and stay focused on the end result of your goals. It's much easier to come up with a million excuses of why and give up instead of pressing forward. But that's the beauty of faith. It doesn't make this easy, it makes things possible.

Honestly, that's all you need is a little bit of hope, of faith to wake up determined to fight another day. Don't let one bad day, moment, or situation stop you from going after what you want.

Have a great week and stay faithful to your dreams and goals.


Stuck In Life :(

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If part of life is feeling stuck then I’m doing a pretty good job at life right now because all I feel lately is exactly that, stuck. Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost control of the happiness in my life. I feel like everything that I want for my life in the future I no longer am capable of achieving due to circumstances beyond my control. This is honestly probably THEworst feeling in the world as a young, passionate, driven, independent person. Having goals and feeling like that they are out of reach and there is absolutely nothing you can do about them. People always assume I’m always happy and positive but you got me I’m human, and just like anyone else I too have those very weak moments. And this just so happens to be one of them.

I’m struggling lately to figure out what’s a person to do when you feel so stuck that your own happiness and future is no longer in your hands? First plan, sit, be sad, and stay stuck. Very, very unsuccessful this past week. Next plan? Pray, pray and give it to god. The past two days I constantly have caught myself all day long in deep conversations with God. Praying for guidance, asking for strength, peace, and patience. It’s silly of me to think I can be in control because ultimately, he his. I have to put all of my faith in God and his plan for my life. I have to continue to believe that he is in control and know that he did not put me here to fail or be unhappy.

So instead of dwelling on my problems, for now I will embrace them and know that in time God will show me the way. None of us should ever feel stuck about life and the difficult situations that come our way.  I know that what I'm going through is something that won't change over night, but everyday we wake up and have a choice. So every morning as I'm blessed to see another day, I will choose to be happy. I can easily doing that knowing that by giving my problems to God he will work everything out for me. Life is too short, embrace the struggle, have faith, and choose happiness.