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Life Lately, June 2016!

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Let me tell you about life lately! I can't believe it's already July, which basically means the year is halfway over and Christmas is pretty much next week. The month of June went by so fast...between the preparation for three basketball camps and road tripping to Kansas City that was basically my life for the past four weeks. So let me catch you on and just exactly what's been going on.

This month we had three camps that consumed nearly all of time. Most people probably would never understand how much time, effort, and planning goes into running a successful basketball camp. But trust me when I say that it's exactly that. Months of calls, meetings, organizing, and all of that nearly triples the week leading up to camp. But my absolute favorite part about camp is our Day Camp for girls going in to grades 1st to 6th. It's seriously one of the most fun weeks of my life. By the end of the week it's so hard to say your goodbyes after becoming so attached from spending 4 days with the same group of girls.

The day after camp ended I loaded up my car and headed out to Kansas City for our family reunion. Which before hand seemed like such a great idea to drive nearly 9 hours across Kansas after working extremely hard for a week with very little sleep after camp. However, about 3 hours into the drive in the middle of nowhere I highly regretted this awesome of idea of mine to drive.


The highlight of my day of course was arriving in Lawrence, Kansas and being at the happiest place on earth, the University of Kansas. I spent almost 2 hours walking around campus in awe of my absolute favorite school ever. It was amazing, and the feeling I get when I'm there never gets old.

Baby cousins aren't so little anymore

The older I get the less time I get to spend with my family. I had a blast catching up with everyone, looking at old pictures, and laughing at funny stories from the past.

twins with my mom

Other than camp and our family reunion, I've honestly just been trying my best to live each day and enjoy each moment. At the beginning of the month getting lost in my neighborhood, I found this court that was just waiting for me behind an office building. It's so perfect, I love it.

HAPPY JULY FRIENDS!!!! Kill it this month.

I love you all...


Stuck In Life :(

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If part of life is feeling stuck then I’m doing a pretty good job at life right now because all I feel lately is exactly that, stuck. Recently I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost control of the happiness in my life. I feel like everything that I want for my life in the future I no longer am capable of achieving due to circumstances beyond my control. This is honestly probably THEworst feeling in the world as a young, passionate, driven, independent person. Having goals and feeling like that they are out of reach and there is absolutely nothing you can do about them. People always assume I’m always happy and positive but you got me I’m human, and just like anyone else I too have those very weak moments. And this just so happens to be one of them.

I’m struggling lately to figure out what’s a person to do when you feel so stuck that your own happiness and future is no longer in your hands? First plan, sit, be sad, and stay stuck. Very, very unsuccessful this past week. Next plan? Pray, pray and give it to god. The past two days I constantly have caught myself all day long in deep conversations with God. Praying for guidance, asking for strength, peace, and patience. It’s silly of me to think I can be in control because ultimately, he his. I have to put all of my faith in God and his plan for my life. I have to continue to believe that he is in control and know that he did not put me here to fail or be unhappy.

So instead of dwelling on my problems, for now I will embrace them and know that in time God will show me the way. None of us should ever feel stuck about life and the difficult situations that come our way.  I know that what I'm going through is something that won't change over night, but everyday we wake up and have a choice. So every morning as I'm blessed to see another day, I will choose to be happy. I can easily doing that knowing that by giving my problems to God he will work everything out for me. Life is too short, embrace the struggle, have faith, and choose happiness.


One Year in Denver

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I can't believe that exactly a year ago I loaded up my car and headed west for my new adventure and move to Denver, Colorado. That's right, It's already been a year since I've lived here. It's always crazy to look back on your life from the previous year and reflect and how much has changed. Honestly, making this move across the country to taking a new job and living in a new city, expectations were more than high. I would be lying if I said that my life now is exactly how I envisioned it being a year ago, because it's not. It's not even close to what I had imagined it to be. Naturally we always have in our heads that having a fresh start and being able to forget about all of your past troubles, that your new life is going to be perfect. Reality is my life still isn't perfect and it probably never will be. But I guess that's just life.

Complete happiness? No. But happier? YES. With that being said I got thinking about life and the expectations I have for it. Some times I sit and think to myself that maybe my expectations for life are extremely too high. I mean despite being beyond blessed and thankful for this amazing life I've been giving, I constantly find myself still wanting more out of life. Having the urge to become even happier and to see and do even more. But then again that could be the dreamer in me. I guess I expect so much from life because its mine, and I refuse to settle for less than what I define as a happy and successful life. And honestly guys, I'm just not there...yet! I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter what you plan, hope, or expect for out of life it almost never goes how you expect or want it to. But that's just when you have to put your big girl panties on wake up and face whatever life throws at you head on and deal with the choices you make and the consequences you make both good and bad. And that's what I've decided to do each and everyday of my life, smile, laugh, and make the best of each day.

The people who have come into my life this past year have been nothing but blessing. It's such a great feeling to work with a group of individuals who you love and get along with and that's something I don't take for granted and can't be overlooked. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity itself to wake up every morning  and do what I do everyday.

There are still so many changes I would like to see in my life moving forward, so many and there's nothing wrong with that. It's okay to be greedy with your life and have the constant to need to want more when comes to experiences all this world has to offer. I'm excited to see what the next year bring and I know in my heart if I keep on living I'll be closer to reaching the feeling of infinite happiness.

Moral of the story....


Laugh at Life

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I believe it, sometimes you just have to. Sometimes you just have to step out faith, laugh at the struggles in your life and simply just move forward. This has been the longest week of my life. I've cried so many tears, questioned God, and spent every single night stressed and restless just wondering why, why me, and why now? To top of one of the worst weeks of my life, I dropped and shattered my phone about an hour ago.

It's now Sunday night at 10:15pm, as I'm sitting here listening to church online more than ready to start fresh with a new week. Despite the most emotional week I've had in a long time, I'm still finding a way to stay positive and laugh at life. I know that I am not going through so many different things, feelings, and bad emotions all at the same time for nothing. I know that God has a plan and there is a reason and purpose for such a difficult week in my life.

Call me crazy but I am one who believes that right before something amazing or really good happens in your life you endure a period of struggle. Needless to say, with that being said I'm just patiently waiting on my blessing. If you don't stay positive that something good will come out of something bad, you will drive yourself crazy.

I never thought this week would end, but it has and I couldn't be happier to say goodbye and start fresh tomorrow. I will continue to stay strong and laugh my way through life.

Keep believing people, and believe with all your heart that the next few months of your life be a period of magnificent transformation.