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Big 12 MBB Media Day

Big 12 MBB Media Day

The past two months have been nothing short of exciting, and I’m still trying to figure out just exactly how I got here🤷🏽. By here I mean living my dream and fulfilling the vision God placed my heart many years ago. It’s been almost two months since I started this new chapter and new adventure as a Digital Media Correspondent for the best conference (and also my favorite😉), The Big 12. Since then, a lot of you have been asking more about job, life, what exactly I do, and how the transition has been changing my career.


Let me first start off by saying that I am truly blessed🙏🏽 to be living my best life right now. I mean it when I say that life is treating me well😌. I’m living in the city I have wanted to live in for so many years now with my amazing parents that I get to see and spend time with each and everyday. When I first started this whole adult thing I was living in Rome, GA coaching at Berry College. I hardly ever got to see my family and by hardly I mean once a year for 4-7 days during Christmas break. So you can see why I appreciate seeing their faces every morning to start my day.


As far as work goes, it’s been such an amazing learning experience so far. I feel like everyday I’m growing and learning something new. I’m constantly challenged, creating, thinking and making content to cover all of our Big 12 sports teams. I'm learning new editing techniques, all about cameras, lighting, back end of websites, social media strategies, and so many other cool important things.  

This time last year I was following around THE Jacqlyn Poss filming, editing, producing my own short web series and now here I am a year later making in day life media day videos with Devonte’ Graham and Trae Young, two of the best players in the Big 12. It’s so surreal…

XC Championship!!!

XC Championship!!!

I just wrapped up my first season covering cross country and it was an absolute blast. Coming from a basketball background I of course new nothing about XC, but that quickly changed as the season progressed as checking the polls and rankings became a part of my weekly routine.

After working the XC Championship and attending my first ever meet, I must say it way more exciting than you would ever think. These athletes are so skilled and discipline to take care of their bodies and run so many miles at such a fast pace. It was just crazy to see it live in person, and I highly suggest that every sports fan should definitely check out a XC meet, it was awesome.

It's also been a very new and weird experience for me being in front of a camera. I can't say I enjoy it just yet, but it's been good for me learning to get out of my comfort zone. It takes me a very long time to get my words right and I feel SO uncomfortable seeing, watching, and hearing myself on videos, can you tell I don't like it?🙅🏽🙈 But again, I'm growing and getting better each time I film and that's all I can ask for💙


I also spent the past month doing on campus visits with Big 12 women’s basketball teams (Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech, Iowa St. & Kansas St) interviewing coaches and student-athletes about the upcoming season. The moment it all sunk it for me in terms of how far I have come was interviewing my former coach at Texas Tech(Coach White, she will always be Coach White even though she is now marrieS LOL). However, many years ago now I was once a sophomore college basketball player at UMKC. A soft, timid, scared, lazy sophomore college basketball player at UMKC that lost her scholarship. At the time I was devastated but all the years later being told off was the best possible thing that could have ever happened to me. Besides, looking back now I would have got rid of me too #NOTlying...

With Coach White❤️️

With Coach White❤️️

For so many years I held so much anger in my heart towards my old coach for not renewing my scholarship and not believing in me as a player. I was so afraid to even think of seeing her face to face as the years passed, and now here I am sitting in front of her asking the questions for an interview. It was the coolest thing ever. I’ve grown, changed, and matured so much and a major reason why will always be my experience at UMKC. Had it not been for those moments, I would have never had the opportunity to years later be interviewing my old coach who I have nothing but love, support, and respect for. 

As you can see, life has been keeping me busy, I’ve been loving every minute of it and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

This is just the beginning, I promise to keep you updated.


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LaBrittany Ball???

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So unless you've been living under a basketball rock the past several months, then I'm sure you know all about Lavar and his "boys" as Lavar likes to call them. Lonzo,  LiAngelo and LaMelo aka, Zo, Gelo and Melo. 

Since the college basketball season ended and Lavar gained more and more attention and relevance from the media many people have formed their opinion about Lavar and his family of superstar basketball players. I avoided the foolishness of getting into the conversation, that is until now. 

Recently Lavar and his Big Baller Brand family released their own reality show which is currently four episodes in that airs live on Facebook on Sunday's. 

I'm hooked and I'm a fan. Watch here...


Before watching the short 13-18 minute series like most of the basketball world I thought Mr. Ball was a fool, a complete annoying idiot to say the least (🤷🏽Sorry Lavar, just my honest thoughts). But after watching all seven episodes I'm starting think🤔 it would've been pretty cool to be the big sister of the Ball boys, and have Lavar market me and my talents (on and off the court) to the world.

Since starting the series, “Ball in The Family,” I have gained a new found respect for Lavar and his boys. My initial question during the blow up of the Big Baller Brand, was where is the mom and how does she fit into all of this chaos? Tina aka the mom, suffered a severe stroke towards the end of basketball season last spring that left her partially paralyzed with a bad speech deficient forcing her to learn how to walk and talk all over again. During this process Lavar was by his wife’s side every step of the way as the series shows him leading her through both speech and physical therapy. Lavar was pictured in a different light much more nurturing and caring making sure all of Tina’s needs were met.

Aside from seeing the compassion Mr. Ball has for his wife, the family show will also see how much love and support he has for his boys. I think it’s kind of cool how much he believes in their ability to play basketball, while at the same not making excuses for their short-comings. He’s the first one to keep it real with them and let them know when they’re not putting in the work to reach their goals.

If anything, my new perspective on Lavar Ball is just a businessman with a plan trying to put his kids in the best position possible to succeed. So, with that being said it only makes me wonder if Lavar temporarily adopted me and devoted his life to my short-lived division one basketball career how much further I could’ve actually gone being pushed by his crazy self? Secondly, once my career ended having him then promote the crap out of my videos? Yeah, I totally wouldn’t mind being LaBrittany Ball taking on the role of the older Ball sister if it meant my name would be know backed up with that type of support system.

But, let’s be real I could never be a Ball sister but my point is if you really sit down and think about Lavar Ball he’s actually a really amazing father and husband. His plan to gain a following and attention for his sons and Big Baller Brand worked like magic and spread like wildfire. He will always be himself, a loud, confident, and outspoken when it comes to his opinions. But that should never be overshadowed for the platform he created for each of them and their family. It’s something that’s never been done before and I have to credit Lavar for taking the calculated risk. You can't be mad or hate on someone's hustle and for that reason I hope BBB and the Ball's continue to take their family's sucess to new heigts. 

Although I'm not exactly made out to be a Ball, I can't lie I would love to go out to LA and spend and take on the role of LaBrittany Ball for a few days. Lavar if you're reading this hit me up!!!


74 Days in Houston

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🤷🏽🤗Life Lately...

🤷🏽🤗Life Lately...

74 Days. That’s how long I’ve been living in Houston, and tomorrow starts yet another chapter of my life as I will embark on a new journey in Dallas. I know what you're thinking, you just got to Houston, you just moved into your new apartment, so what happened? I wish I could give you the perfect answer you want to hear but I can't. The only thing I can say is God🙌🏽

I didn't get fired, there wasn't a huge falling out, nothing like that all. God has just blessed me with an amazing new opportunity. Before I knew anything about the job opening UH, I applied for another job towards the end of April beginning of May. I moved on with my life, accepted the position at UH, and never heard back until a couple of weeks ago. Initially, all I could do is question God, like dude why now😫? I just got settled with my life in what could He possibly be trying to tell me? I brushed it off, didn't think anything else of it because I knew I wouldn't get the job. The timing was completely off and it just didn't make sense.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

When I got the call that I was hired I was in shock. I couldn't believe it and it didn't seem real, I thought it was all a big joke. At that point, I couldn't even be excited or enjoy it, as I could only make excuses of why this wasn't going to work. I just signed a lease, the cost to move (AGAIN!!!), disappointing everyone at UH, and list went on and on. In my head I said NO. There is absolutely NO way this is going to work out, things like this just don't happen to me.

When I finally had the time to sit down and think about what had just happened to me, all I could do was thank God. Back in April this was the job I wanted and was so determined to get, and now here I am. My apartment complex let me out of my lease, my moving expenses were taken care, and everything slowly unforced started taking care of itself, GOD🙌🏽

I don't think it's hit me yet that a lot of my dreams are about to come true. 2013-2016 were three very tough years of my life. Through all of the moving, packing, and unpacking(I'm getting pretty good at that whole thing) I found my old bible with this note card in it. it was the Spring of 2014 and my first year coaching at Berry, I remember writing this down and praying about every single day. Visualizing that one day it might just happen. Little did I know that three years later God would be guiding me closer to home being in Houston, and eventually to Dallas in the same city that my parents live in. For so long I had the perfect road map of exactly how my life was going to go. I can't tell you exactly when, but the moment I started following God's plans and purpose for my life everything peacefully started to fall into place🙏🏽


Living in Houston. From day 1 it never felt like home and a place I saw myself growing and even from the beginning the vibes weren't the greatest. I kept telling myself God led me here for a reason and this is where I'm supposed to be, so despite the vibes I stayed positive throughout it all. More than anything in my heart for awhile now, I felt I had out grown being in a basketball operations role. I felt restricted from be able to be creative full-time like I was working in a box. I'm at my best when I am telling stories, with a camera, making videos, and creating really cool content. Which by the way is exactly what my new job entails, and more...🤗📷✨


It was very hard to tell my co-workers at UH that I would be leaving less than week into the school year, but it would've been even harder not to follow my the dream and the vision God has placed in my heart❤️️. When I was making my final decision on what to do, Alex Kiernan (Alex is a senior at Berry and I coached her as a freshman) popped in my head and all I could think was...I can't let her down. If I don't take this job, she is going to kill me. Alex, Jac, Rosie, and so many other people that not only look up to me, but support me and my dreams. It was a no brainier at that point, and although it seemed like terrible timing. God's timing is the only timing.

I've never felt so many emotions at all once. Happy, excited, nervous, scared and not knowing what to expect. I do know however that whatever happens in this next chapter, I am ready because God has groomed and prepared me for everything I am about to face in this new career and he will be with me every step of the way. I'm not sure why or if I'll ever know why God gave me a brief 74 day stop in Houston before directing me to Dallas. At this point, I honestly don't even care I just know that it was all a part of his plan💜

🤔My advice? ALWAYS following your dreams and trust God's timing with your life. Stop making excuses for yourself and just take the risk before you're left wondering, dang what if? You can't put a price tag on your happiness and dreams, so just do it. In March I lost my job at DU and patiently waited 94 days for my opportunity at UH, and 74 days after that, now I am off to Dallas!!!

I wouldn't be a woman of my words to DREAM.LIVE.BALL if I didn't start this new career.

So what exactly will I be doing, where and with who? Stay tuned...

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Colorado Appreciation Post ❤️️💛💙

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May 15, 2015...that one time I moved to CO!!!

May 15, 2015...that one time I moved to CO!!!

It really is true what they say about not fully appreciating something until it’s gone. I’ve been in Houston for two in a half months now and needless to say I never realized how many little things I took for granted in Colorado. I left CO not thinking I would miss much, but after being gone for several weeks there is so much I miss about Colorado.

Whenever I tell people from Texas I moved here from Colorado, their faces always light up with so much excitement. "OMG you moved here from Denver?!?! Wow how cool, It's SO pretty there, I would love to live there!!!" Then I think to myself, did I take the good ol' centennial state for granted?🤔 Now, about 95% of the time the very next thing I get is... "Did you go skiing a lot?" Nope. "Did you hang out in the mountains?" Nope. "What about hiking did you go hiking ever" Eh, once sprained my ankle (twice), and never went back. "Colorado Springs??" Only for our game at Air Force. So as you can see, I really lived it up in CO...😐 #lies

A picture at 11,000-ish feet on that one hike I went on in CO

A picture at 11,000-ish feet on that one hike I went on in CO

The Weather: I never understood what people meant about the weather in Denver been so amazing. It’s snows, it’s cold, and it’s always sunny, what’s the big deal? Try living in Houston where the temperature is always HOT, always. So far since I’ve been here there hasn’t been a warm up or a cool down. Seriously, no matter what time of day it is, early morning, noon or late at night, it’s hot, sweaty, muggy, and humid. Basically, it’s literally THE worst.

The Rain: Speaking of the weather, I can't forget to tell you how much it rains here in Houston. It's actually a thing if you didn't know, maybe because it's close to the water? I really don't know but the climate is offically reffered too as "humid subtropical."  It's nearly impossible to keep your car looking shiny and fresh because of how much, and how randomly it rains. According my research, aka google, the annual rain fall in Houston is almost 50 inches, compared to around 8-15 in Denver. HUGE difference!!! Now, I'm not talking cute little baby sprinkles. I'm talking rain drop, drop top..when it rains here it don't stop stop!!!

People forget Houston is near the coast...

People forget Houston is near the coast...

Bugs & Critters: I didn’t even think about it until living in Houston but there aren't hardly any bugs or crawling critters in Denver. It was probably a big deal to even see a small spider or something. Houston however is filled with lizards, frogs, flying spider thingys, and crickets among many other things. Whenever it’s time to take Harper outside to potty it’s now become a time to prepare for war. To fully “protect myself” from these things I spray my arms and legs with bug spray, put on a hat, sneakers (no sandals or open toed shoes!!!), sweat pants, and sometimes even a long sleeve shirt. The lizards blend into the walls, they almost look fake, like rubber or plastic and they scare the crap out of me. BUT, according the leasing office at my apartment (after my compliant lol, yes I complained about lizards on the ceilings...) are good to have because they eat up the small bugs. There’s also these slow moving flying spider things and sometimes when I take Harper out, they float their way on to my shirt and shorts, so not okay. The neighbors are probably getting a kick out of me swatting away bugs and kicking away frogs in 94 degree weather in sweats, but hey a girl’s gotta protect herself am I right? I thought so!

Traffic: Personally, I never thought traffic was too bad in Denver. Houston in the third largest city in the US and is continuing to grow with lots of construction updates all over the city. I still have to use my GPS LITERALLY every day on the way to work because each morning there is a new route that is quicker than the day before. God Bless I-25 in Denver, I actually miss my simple morning commute to work😭

Mom, Me, My Uncle, Big Sis, & Cousin David🤗

Mom, Me, My Uncle, Big Sis, & Cousin David🤗

The Homies: Of course, last but not least. I miss the fam, the crew, the homies. My DU staff and family was absolutely one of a kind. Our bond was unbreakable and something I truly did take for granted working with such amazing people who were more than just your co-workers. The good thing is we ALL still keep in touch and will be friends and family for life.

With all of that being said(and nothing against you Houston Texas...), Colorado I miss you. Denver, I love you and will always appreciate the memories and my time with you. Although I didn’t exactly get along with your hiking trails and mountain views, I know next time to stay at the foothills and never go above 5280.

Colorado Appreciation Post❤️️💛💙



I really miss my DU children <3

I really miss my DU children <3